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Why do I get a broken link on my page?

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I just added my web address to my profile or game, why is the link broken?


URLs (web addresses) stored in the calendar need to be entered beginning with the http:// or https:// as you see in the location bar in your browser. If you do not include this information, the calendar assumes that your link is to a page on the same server and in the same directory. Using the http:// will tell the browser to get that link from the correct server.

If you entered the URL in the correct syntax, you will need to make sure the link is correct. Try pasting the link you used in the location bar or address bar in your web browser, and see if it works there.

If the link is formatted correctly in the admin form, then the error you are experiencing is most likely at the site you are trying to reach, and you should contact them for further assistance.