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Can I upload images and icons?

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How can I upload a logo or icon for a game system?


You can upload these images using the admin forms for adding or changing the game system. Remember, if you upload a graphic, it will replace the existing graphic for that system.

System icon files should be 12 pixels by 12 pixels. If the image is larger than that, the uploader will reject the image. If the image is smaller than that, it will be stretched to 12 pixels by 12 pixels when it is displayed in the calendar. These files also cannot exceed 4k in file size or the uploader will reject them.

System logo or cover graphics can be up to 250 pixels by 250 pixels. Images that exceed these dimensions will be rejected by the uploader. However, this script will store the height and width of the image uploaded in the database so that the image can be correctly displayed on the system page. These logo files cannot exceed 60k in file size or they will be rejected by the uploader.