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Live-Action Role Playing (LARP)

Montana Role-Playing Calendar

Live-Action Role Playing, or LARPing is a gaming format where you act out most of the actions of your character. The Game Master intercedes and makes rules calls, but in many situations, the players are expected to act respectfully toward each other and toward the rules. So, get dressed up and game!

Remember, misbehaving in a LARP can, in addition to getting you ostracized from the group, have legal repercussions. In a LARP it is also important to remember that the game itself is just a game.

As with Table Top Role Playing, LARPing requires a good deal of imagination, as well as cooperation with the other players.

There are currently 3 Live-Action Role Playing (LARP) game systems listed.

Home Brew

Home grown systems run the gambit from horror to comedy, from high fantacy to ultra-rea...

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Warlord is a Live Action Wargame based on the Darkon Wargaming Rules

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* World of Darkness

The first setting was created in 1991 with the release of Vampire: The Masquerade; supp...

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