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List of Characters for Keith's ShadowRun One Shots

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Here is a list of the pre-generated characters for my ShadowRun one-shots:

These characters are all reasonably well fleshed out. Some of these characters are characters I have played, others are some that I have stolen from players from some of my games, still others are inspired by characters from books or movies. Feel free to browse through these characters if you are interested in playing in one of my ShadowRun one-shots. However, you will need to vie with the other players for which character you wish to play once we get ready. I do not reserve characters in advance, my only request is that you think about a couple of options. Remember, these characters are all professionals - more or less.

Each character is listed with his or her name, then primary archetype (remember ShadowRun does not really have classes), and then race. Of course, they're all humans (just ask your friendly neighborhood Meta-Human Rights Activist, right?).

Salvin - Shaman - Human

Salvin is a bear shaman. He is a quiet follower and a healer. His Native American history is very important to him. His totem is bear, the quiet healer.

Typical Salvin Quotes:
"This? This? This is just a scratch. What are you whining about?"
"There, now that's not so bad, is it?"
"It hurt last time, so you did it AGAIN?"
"Gedaudda the way."

Onkh - Physical Adept - Ork

Onkh is also a Native American. An Ork physical adept, he is an expert with a bow and an axe. Onkh does not speak English well. Onkh also knows about chemistry and has used his knowledge of chemistry and archery to develop several interesting arrows.

Typical Onkh Quotes:
"I can shoot that."

Nighthawk - Street Samurai - Human

Nighthawk is a nearly insane former special ops man. His motto is he who goes first, Wins. Nighthawk is a take charge kind of guy, and is used to being in control and being obeyed.

Typical Nighthawk Quotes:
"And why haven't you shot it?"
"Do YOU have a PROBLEM with THAT?"
"What are you waiting for?"

Pitr - Hermetic Mage - Ork

Pitr is an English speaking Russian national and an ork. Trained in magic by the Russian military, then sold off as a commodity, this bitter individual seeks revenge on the system that oppressed him.

Typical Pitr Quotes:
"The only solution to xenophobia is long term social contact... or genocide."
"Look, it would take far too long to explain, and you probably couldn't understand it anyway."

Silk - Street Samurai - Elf

Silk, an elf, is a former dancer, stripper and prostitute for the Yakuza. She has also made a name for herself as a thief. As a high class prostitute she learned the fine art of seduction and what and how far it could get her...

Typical Silk Quotes:
"You want me to stick that where?... OK."
"Look, my contract only goes to the end of this pier. If you want to take it further, we'll have to re-negotiate."
"If you're into pain, let me know in advance. I can make this so much nicer for both of us."

Dolores - Rigger - Human

Dolores is a professional smuggler, though her business cards and license says that she is a bonded security courier. She is very overweight, black and happy. Always looking for the right man for her life, or at least tonight, she is nearly the opposite of Silk. Dolores is loud, large and aware. She voices her opinions and thoughts often without thinking about them.

Typical Dolores Quotes:
"Any small cargo? I'm your Gal!"
"I can even handle various... delicate matters."
"Where is that lovely hunk of man?"

Katherine - Hermetic Mage - Human

Katherine holds two Ph.D.s, one in Archaeology focusing on magical and ritual practices, and one in linguistic evolution in European culture. She also holds a Th.D. This neo-Victorian is very intellectual and very conscious of propriety. She is physically over-endowed, and the reactions this often generates cause her some consternation.

Typical Katherine Quotes:
"Up HERE!"
"How would you like to be a newt?"
"Now, if you just look at the filigree and the delicate inlay, you can clearly tell that this was central African in origin, and nobody worth listening to would have ever attributed it to the Mayans, despite the theme... That's not what you were asking for, was it?"

Buckwheat - Shaman - Human

Buckwheat is a street shaman from Sydney, Australia. He has no formal training, and is actually rather naive about the real working of magic. However, he is fairly adept at figuring it out for himself. He tends to be a slacker, and avoids just about any unnecessary work - rather fitting, as his totem is cat.

Typical Buckwheat Quotes:
"Yeah, well, wake me up when it's worth bothering with."
"What are you yelling at me for, you had it under control."
"What do you mean, 'that was overkill?' I'm fraggin' bleeding!"
"I'm gonna go conjure myself a fraggin' Band-Aid."

Raven - Street Samurai - Human

Raven is a chemist by trade, who succumbed to the worst chemistry has to offer. When lucid, he has a brilliant rational mind, and a rather keen business sense. He knows what he can sell and when, and makes all of his own, so he is unlikely to run afoul of the law on this front. However, being careful does not make a lot of money...

Typical Raven Quotes:
"Of course it's pure. Do you think I'd cut it on ya?"
"Are you a cop?"
"Sure, I'm fine for that."
"You can probably count on me."

Rick - Physical Adept - Human

Rick is an active and athletic young man. Driven to continually better himself and constantly push himself further. He excels at multiple track and field events, boxing, and karate, as well as having been a star on his high school and college football teams.

Typical Rick Quotes:
"Oh, just let me do it, dammit."
"You mess with him, you mess with me."
"You were right about one thing: You're gonna get hurt."

Mog - Street Samurai - Troll

Mog is big, tough, and mean, all wonderful traits he learned growing up in Eastern Europe. He doesn't like anything to get in his way, and can be very opinionated. Mog is one of the results of Eastern Europe's dalliance into forcibly implanting cyberware into society's unwanted. However, he is a tremendous benefit when he's on your side - of course, who wouldn't want a 9'9" walking arsenal on their side?

Typical Mog Quotes:
"Who you callin' dumb?"
"You wan' summa' dis?"

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