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For nearly one thousand years the confederation has expanded... Currently consisting of 43 systems containing 18 planets 149 colonies and several thousand outposts. They have been at peace for many generations. Various alien races have been discovered during the centuries of exploration and expansion... during that time there was one major war with a race known as the Arcadians. The confederation eventually wiped out the Arcadian fleet and decimated their entire empire. The Arcadians eventually withdrew beyond known space. During the war the Arcadians used a slave race known as the Werens as soldiers. After the fall of the Arcadians, many Werens became laborers for the confederation and others even became soldiers, bodyguards or mercenaries.

The confederation maintains a sizeable military fleet and regularly patrols the space lanes for pirates or other threats. Technology while advancing at a rapid pace in the core systems has not yet reached the outlying systems where most goods are still transported from system to system via solar powered transports. Beyond the outlying systems lays an unofficial border on one side with a race of creatures that seems like a species of ants known only as the Chalnoth, (named in memory of the first expeditionary task force that never returned from their space) and on all other sides by unknown regions of space.

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